Our partners’ interests is our interest

Asset management

Thanks to a consolidated know-how, Cittamoderna handles its projects balancing risks and asset performances. The asset enhancement choices follow a careful strategic planning aiming at handling the needs of both tenants and buyers.
The vertical integration structure allows Cittamoderna to timely reconsider and turn around decisions and carry out appropriate interventions.

Project management and construction

The long experience and deep understanding of the reference market allowed Cittamoderna to build a strong NETWORKING with the main industry players. This grants us timely access to new opportunities.
Cittamoderna has developed a strong expertise in the SELECTION AND EVALUTATION of the transactions, while the high financial rating guarantees an easy access to debt. We are at the same time, shareholders and real estate developers, this means a complete objectives alignment.

Productive process innovation, materials careful selection, and compliance with the international standards, – both technological wise and process execution – are the main goals for Cittamoderna, that allows us to develop projetcs with a particular focus on landscape impact, harmonisation with the contest and environmental sustainability.

Property management

Cittamoderna takes care of all the property management activities: tax management, administration, accounting, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of facilities and systems. We can guarantee elevated standard and buildings efficiency.
Furthermore, constant monitoring and frequent inspections allow for timely interventions thus maximising the value for all the actors involved.

Real Estate Agency

Cittamoderna brings its property to market thanks to an internal real estate agency. IDEIM was born with the aim to offer to potential new customers a professional service of customer assistance during the phases pre and post sales phases.