Tradition for innovation

Competitive edge:

We co-invest with our partners a minimum share of 40%

Cittamoderna and its team handle the whole life cycle of the asset, from acquisition to market placement

Cittamoderna is an ever-evolving reality. Its internal organisation is undergoing a constant evolution and a continuous growth in its reference market, both on dimensional and territorial level

Foto di Cittamoderna negli anni 50 - Cittamoderna
Compleanno bambino anni 60 - Cittamoderna
Uomo sul terrazzo - Cittamoderna
Storia Cittamoderna - Anni 2000 la nuova generazione
Orizzonti futuri - Cittamoderna

50s - Starting Up

Thanks to the foresight of Antonio Prezioso, and his heartfelt project of investing the savings of a life spent as a public employee, Cittamoderna moves its first steps in Real Estate in the ‘50s, starting by acquiring building areas for residential buildings, using the apartments pre-sales as sole source of financing.

60s - 70s: Growth

In the ‘60s the business model consolidates with the execution of multiple residential developments in Naples. The construction phase, yet at this time, is directly handled by an internal structure.

80s - 90s: Development and consolidation

Thanks to the initial success, and to the new collaboration of sons, Ambrogio, Giovanna and Massimo, the group grows and starts developing assets for offices and redeveloping existing buildings. Cittamoderna gradually becomes an integrated Real Estate platform: the internal technical structure is now supported by an Asset Management and Property Management team. Idea Immobiliare, a real estate agency, was born in these years to directly manage the product marketing. The capital structure of the investments, opens up to financial partners looking for an expert and reliable operator.

2000 - Today: new markets

In 2004 the first investment in Milan takes place: a two years long project including the complete renovation of an entire building and the sectioning in flats to be marketed. Following closely, another 4 operations concerning historical and prestigious building for a total of around 40.000 sqm in the city centre. Cittamoderna is today on a path of continuous growth aiming at becoming a point of aggregation of financial resources from more and more institutional players.

2019 - Future

In the next future we will consolidate our diversification strategy, started in 2014. Our goal is to become a player investing in new markets and sectors, leveraging on our traditional experience and on new competences brought along by new generations